Reseller Program

Child Panels

Demo Child Panel

What is a Child Panel?

A child panel is your very own SMM-Panel with a limited selection of features that is directly linked to, making it incredibly easy to import our services.

Simply import our services into your very own Panel, set your own profit percentage to whatever you like, and start earning money! You have the full control!

Administration & Moderation

You have full control over your SMM-Panel using our built-in Administration and Moderation Dashboard.

You can easily manage users, tickets, orders, services, appearance and so much more in one place.

You can easily add more Moderators and assign specific permissions to them, should they be able to edit orders, add payments or simply respond to tickets.

Admin Users Page
Admin Users Page

Appearance Editor

Easily create, change and adjust pages on our website.

You can create entire new pages in one-click and specify if a user has to be logged in, or can access it without the need of an account.

Use drag and drop to quickly build your own website and customize their styles however you like, get creative to create a beautiful and customized SMM-Panel!

Import Services in One Click

You can import ALL of the services that we offer by simply clicking "Import services" on the Services tab of your Adminstration Panel.

You are then asked for the pricing, in the image you can see the first service costs $1.18, this is the cost per 1.000 your customer pays, you on the other hand only pay $0.59 per 1.000 as you are in full control of cost and profits.

Admin Users Page